Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property litigation is the firm's biggest practice area. IP can be a major source of revenue, but it can also be a considerable risk. Infringement and counterfeiting cases have become ubiquitous in today’s global economy. Companies need counsel that is experienced in providing global IP management and enforcement services. Companies also need counsel that is able to either bring or defend against non-practicing entity infringement claims. MZF Law has handled complex IP lawsuits involving patent, trademark, trade dress, and copyright infringement, as well as technology trade secrets across the United States and abroad. MZF Law utilizes its diverse experience to ensure that its clients’ cases are handled efficiently and effectively.

Real estate litigation is growing area of the firm's practice. The firm represents real estate professionals in a wide variety of complex construction defect litigation, and delay damages claims. Representative clients in the field include architects, engineers, real estate brokers and salespersons.

Business dispute resolution represents the firm's other major practice area. MZF Law helps its clients thrive in a modern business environment by successfully resolving disputes before litigation occurs. And if litigation is required, MZF Law will fearlessly prepare for and try its clients case. MZF Law regularly handles cases from service agreements, license agreements, and product deployment to complex business disputes, involving breach of contract, business torts, and antitrust.

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Business Services

Business counseling represents another practice area in which the firm represents clients. MZF Law provides legal advice with an eye towards minimizing the risk of litigation while also maximizing the greatest business return.

MZF Law represents clients along each stage of the company life cycle. From startup to wind down, MZF Law attorneys assists its clients with business organization, securing and managing intellectual property, product manufacturing and deployment, negotiating and entering into foreign and domestic contracts and agreements, obtaining financing, and evaluating business practices and unfair competition.

MZF lawyers also counsel real estate professionals in contract formation and negotiation, and they also regularly counsel commercial landlords and commercial tenants in lease negotiations and commercial lease litigation.

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