IP Litigation

Patent Litigation: MZF Law prosecutes and defends patent litigation matters in U.S. federal district courts throughout the United States and in the International Trade Commission. To effectively meet its clients needs, MZF Law tailors its litigation strategies to meet each client’s needs and objectives.

Trademark Litigation: MZF Law protects its clients’ rights in trademarks and trade dress through investigations, negotiation, enforcement and defense. If necessary, MZF Law is experienced conducting complex trademark litigation involving trademark licensing issues, trademark infringement and counterfeiting, trade dress infringement, trademark dilution and false advertising claims. Because many trademark and trade dress rights issues involve potential irreparable harm, MZF Law will handle, when necessary, preliminary, temporary and permanent relief. MZF is also experienced working with and overseeing foreign counsel to efficiently and cost effectively resolve problems across Asia, the Americas, Europe and elsewhere.

Copyright Litigation: MZF Law enforces and defends clients in copyright litigations involving technology, media and entertainment works. Relying on its international and domestic copyright practice, which secures copyright registrations throughout the world, MZF Law handles development, licensing and product distribution.

Business Litigation

Business Litigation: MZF Law represents option holders, shareholders, members of LLC’s and corporate officers in litigation and arbitration. MZF Law represents stakeholders in partnership and corporate governance litigation, including claims for breach of fiduciary duty, corporate waste or mismanagement, dissolution, and shareholder derivative actions. The firm has experience in representing corporate stakeholders in contests for corporate control as well as providing corporate governance advice to clients during the decision-making cycle. MZF Law also represents business and former employees in trade secret theft, breach of confidentiality duties and non-compete restrictions.

Real Estate Litigation: The firm’s real estate litigation practice includes bringing and defending mechanic’s liens, collections, and breach of contract of matters arising out of construction and real estate development disputes. This practice group also includes matters involving allegations of negligence, fraud, and breach of contract matters. Representative clients in the field include architects, engineers, real estate brokers and salespersons. The firm also represents owners, investors, partners, and developers in complex real estate litigation, quiet title actions, and fraud litigation throughout California and Texas, including commercial development, multi-family development and vacant land.